I had to post this for you all because I thought it was so interesting. Fresh off Team USA’s gold medal run in China, one of our point guards is heading back for more… probably a lot more. Jason Kidd has been with Nike for a long time, it must have taken a lot to get him to go from Nike to a brand that isn’t even known in the US.

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My light journalistic fact-finding mission revealed that Kidd won’t be the first to endorse these kicks; Shane Battier wears them currently. Even more interesting is a marketing partnership the NBA and Peak agreed to last year. Was this a cold signing on Kidd’s part? Tell me David Stern wasn’t pushing for one of the leagues personalities to cosign. I mean, it’s no Lebron, Kobe, or CP3, but it’s a start. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s 2008, and if you can’t sell something in the United States, there’s still around 5 billion other people you may be able to sell to. If our players departing for Europe and Kidd signing this deal deal wasn’t proof enough already, like DJ Khaled says, “We Global!”

pics via Kix and the City


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