Gas prices are going up, but Young Jeezy sure can afford a gallon.

On one hand, fans are applauding Jeezy for addressing the common man’s struggle. On the other hand, skeptics think Jeezy, a millionaire who isn’t subjected to company-wide layoffs, is using the country’s bad economy as a marketing tool.

Don’t let the bigger bank account fool you. Jeezy contends he’s personally affected just like 9-to-5ers.
-XXL Magazine

If you haven’t heard by now, Young Jeezy’s new album is titled The Recession, and his latest video “Put On” features images of struggling Americans donning black and white flags in protest of the hard economic times.

What exactly is the XXL writer getting at? The whole article has the attitude that Jeezy’s message is somehow invalid because he’s a multi-million dollar earner and rapper. God forbid someone with some influence tries to be smart and use their platform for protest or education. And who are these “critics” the writer is speaking of? Him? Journalists like to say “critics say” to get their opinion in when they shouldn’t (or they actually think someone cares).

Good for you, Jeezy. It’s not like he’s going all out, but at least he’s speaking up about something.


4 Responses to “This is what happens when you’re a commercial rapper trying to be the least bit political.”
  1. Kind of like reverse Rick Ross syndrome, eh?

    Well, whatever makes for a hit record…

  2. lol wtf. I mean David Banner.

  3. Do images work?


  4. [...] this much hype. But after the “Put On” joint, and this new track with Nas, I get it. And like I said before, Jeezy’s got my support against all the people looking to dumb-assify us [...]

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