Download: Black ELement - All I <3 (feat. NAV) (Prod. by Danksta')

Black hit me up with this yesterday, my apologies for not posting it up sooner. This is the first single from A Majority Minority, the free LP that hits the internet next week. El also gave us the cover art (above) and the tracklisting (inside). I’m really looking forward to this. After I heard the “Down?!” joint that we put on the mixtape, I knew that the album had to be official if that track didn’t even make it.

There’s a lot of rappers out now, but El is for real, and with any justice, will do really well. I ain’t saying that because I know him, but because I believe it. Check it.

1. You Can’t Hide (AM) (Produced by Kush Klien)
2. The Stickup Kid?!?! (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
3. Can’t Call It (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
4. All I <3 (feat. NAV) (Produced by Danksta’)
5. Out In The Cold (Produced by BboySpaz)
6. Human (Produced by Kush Klien)
7. It’s All Relative (Family First) (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
8. Headaches (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
9. Where My Heart Is (Produced by Kush Klien)
10. Ride It Out (Produced by Rami Afuni)
11. Runn’n Young’n (Produced by Kush Klien)
12. Roadtrip (Produced by Kush Klien)
13. The Burbs (Produced by BboySpaz)
14. Quiet Nights (feat. Jelani) (Produced by Danksta’)
15. Never Thought (Dreaming) (Produced by Rami Afuni)


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