DOWNLOAD: Black ELement- A Major Minority

So as I’m gettin’ back on two feet from a dope weekend in DC, I’m greeted with the release of Black ELement’s debut A Major Minority. If you read this site at all, you probably know him by now.. and if you don’t, now you have no excuse not to. EL sent me a copy a week or two ago and I’m beyond impressed.

In this internet age that’s made super-stars out of basement rappers and made hip-hop accessible to the world, there’s a lot of shit out there. There’s also a lot of good stuff, and this is in that “good” category. He’s had a tremendous amount of buzz for a good reason, and really has all the tools to be around for a while.

So don’t be a bandwagon fan a few years down the road, get on this now so you can be an asshole to your friends and say, “ahh shit man, I copped an album from him when it was free online.”

Congrats EL.


9 Responses to “Full Album’s Here: Black ELement- A Major Minority”
  1. You’ve posted the title of the album multiple times as “A Majority Minority” when the image/interview with him clearly says “A Major Minority”.

    Ya fuck.

  2. Why u posting on dis dude so much? U in luv or somthin? Dis mufucka is wack as fuck… He ain’t contributing NOTHIN new to Hip-Hop… Less he ya best fren or som, den I undastand… Den again what to expect from a dude that posts Diddy blogs LMAO.

  3. Wow! Tahj are you a weezy fan! You didnt comment on the Weezy of the weeks which im sure everyone else knows are just jokes but you probably take it so serious. El is a problem. Do you hear the content of his lyrics. Much deeper than most
    “Hope I’m not over your head but if so you will catch on later”
    Quote Dre 3000. … but to each his own So i respect it

  4. Fam I know more about Hip-Hop than your tiny mind can possibly perceive. This entire blog is bullshit. I discovered it off a search on tha new Pain Language jawns… I don’t give a fuck what this kid tries to talk about, there already is a Black ELement (name spelled the exact same way!) in Boston mufucka. This bitch shoulda googled his own name before settin straight with it.

    “El is a problem.” - No, bitch, you a problem.

    There is so many good new emcees that Black EL 2 could never even be level-plane with, and narrow-minded enthusiasts like you hype this bullshit and make it impossible for real emcees to rise above. This mufucka is on the same cheesy shit with a few “conscious” lines, which makes him irrelevant in any tru fan’s book. But who am I to talk right? I should leave it to you and your Dre 3000 quotes, looking as the sphere of influence that impacts you as a person is obviously the diameter of a frisbee.

    Who you comparing this backwash cat to anyway when you say “much deeper than most”? In comparison to 50, Game, Kanye, etc. - yea, of course he is. My grandma can rap better than those bitches. Instead of writing another poorly versed rant back to simple & true comment, why don’t ya swing open the door to that toolshed of a mind that you carry on your shoulders and look into where Hip-Hop is at. Aiight GAV?


  5. HaHa Tahj Goul, lol internet beef! Hip hop elitist ( i know far more than you could ever know). Yeah then throw a few big words in there and you got a cool little rant. My Hip-hop knowledge is extensive, and in no way am I questioning yours I just think El is dope… and since you were doing research… a few legit places think he is as well. Places such as OKP (okplayer), 2dopeboyz, Illroots/ Terry Urban , Mick Boogie… etc… Opinions are opinions and you are entitled to your own I’m sure even El will respect it but don’t come at me talking about my musical knowledge when you know nothing about it. Anyway this is a friend of mine, and El is as well. If you dont enjoy his blog there are tons of others, but you seem to keep coming back… Hmm I wonder how you would have realized i posted a response if you were not a regular. you probably come here more than I do…

    And “bitch” I guess thats not a problem in hip hop! So i just smile and continue with my day, and hope you have a good one as well

    P.S you should check out my blog and comment on how bad it is too!

  6. I come back to see what smart ass comment you post back, because this is rather entertaining to me. The fact that you accredited Okayplayer and Mick Boogie as good sources of review just furthers my point. Kid, Okayplayer has not been dope in years, not to mention they give horrible reviews that have nothing to do with the actual content of the music (although they do get into some more obscure albums sometimes). Anyway, peep if you want to learn a thing or two…

    While I may come back to look at what you write back to me while procrastinating, I am in no way interested with the content of the site. Funny shit man, but I can and will judge your knowledge in Hip-Hop, because I have been around since it’s birth, while you were shitting your diapers crying for cake. If your knowledge is anything like home boy’s updating this site, I feel sorry for you (not that he knows particularily little about Hip-Hop, but he does not nearly know enough). Fucking wide-eyed enthusiasts…

    Smile on Brotha!

  7. US youngings who know nothing about Hip-Hop did a panel on it with Mr. David Banner, a man you posted on your website. Although my Hip-hop knowledge did not start until I got my first Busta tape, and album by Black Thought my knowledge of Hip-Hop goes much further. The content on your site is respectable, but some may view your site just like you view this one, and its not because they don’t know about hip-hop but because they simply have different tastes in music. I may have been shitting my diapers, but fortunately I am from the place where hip-hop was birthed (Jamaica) or the foundation of hip-hop was birthed, and am also fortunate to be a New Yorker. So while you may not respect the likes of what i listen to .. what I listen to is respectable music sir. Just because you come from the “golden era”/ the beginning does not make you any more important than myself. We all have the same intent (to share our knowledge with those who may know less than ours , or have interest in our musical taste)… slowly updating them, and hopefully putting good music into the ears of those who listen to the Souljah Boys, and so on and give Hip-hop a bad name. Yeah I think that was right. My 14 year old brother knows so much about hip-hop and its forefathers that it would blow your mind, but then you’d probably view him in a different light because of his age. There is good hip-hop being made in 2008, and it is by artists that I support.. Maybe if you don’t believe there is you should open your ears.
    And Im sure Banner could cosign my knowledge of hip-hop…. if you ever get to interviewing him

  8. HAHAHA, this is great. First of all, if you DID check the site, you know who I am??? 2nd, don’t even try to refer to David Banner as though he’s your homie or would even take a second to read what you said. I asked him about this conference in Boston, and all he did was laugh… told me something about a funny looking kid on the panel with “his name written on the back of his head” and a $15,000 pay out that he got.


  9. Just wanted to share that this album got to be featured in front of hundreds of thousands of P2P users this week on the welcome screen of FrostWire. It’s available for torrent download and we’re trying to get the word out about Black ELement to 100k iPods during the next couple of weeks.

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