Hip-hop and politics seem to be in a love affair, whether they want to acknowledge it or not. So, I’ll try and break it down for you.

If you follow American politics at all, you’ll see that John McCain started pushing a huge negative ad campaign against Barack Obama. Now, a few days later, he’s kinda going back on it, but he’s letting his posse do the shit talkin’ while he tries to look like the good guy. Kinda like this….

And now new word of a new Jay-Z diss against DJ Khaled and Fat Joe surfaced. You know Roc Nation was going nuts over this in the little time it had to brew. But here’s Jay squashing it on his part.

Now I ain’t comparing John McCain to Jay-Z, cuz that’s just blasphemy. My point is, that all the people who say “keep politics out of hip-hop,” or, “I don’t care what rappers have to say about politics,” should realize hip-hop is the same game as politics. It’s only natural that things will over-lap. Most of all, it’s only natural they’re acting the same way.

Rappers are people too, and I want to hear them talk about politics. Whether they sound like incoherent dumb asses, or articulate critics and advocates. Because they are “real people,” they can also be “real stupid” and “real smart.”


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  1. McCain doesn’t have the balls to pull off what Bush did to Kerry. WHERE IS YOUR MAVERICK NOW?!

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