You’re watching Seau feat. Jadakiss, “Y.O. to North Click”

I really just posted this to give myself an excuse to comment on the Jadakiss drop that will make the fourth quarter of 2008 officially a beast.

More inside

So seeing eskay talk about Jadakiss’ new album, Kiss My Ass (out December 9), got me really interested in the album that has a bunch of people going crazy. And now, I’m really looking forward to hearing it because with all this hype in a relatively short amount of time, how can a simple guy not get caught up? Not to mention, Jadakiss was a guy I really wanted to see brushing elbows with the titans. No matter how good this album is, I don’t know that this will do that for him, but I’m a hip-hop fan; I want to hear people at their best.

As down as I am with the new ish, I always have a soft spot (no homo) for the people that raised me.


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