Here’s the interview from the cover story of FADER this month, the one where Kanye hated the cover. It’s a good interview overall because he wasn’t asked the same retarded questions everyone asks him, trying to get a rise out of him.

You might have another cultural moment with “Robocop.” Do you understand that if this comes out as a single, every dude is gonna be calling his girlfriend a Robocop when she gets mad. People are gonna to start saying that constantly.

Yeah, I’m the only voice for the guys because rap dudes don’t rap about love, and R&B dudes rap about love, like, “I want to love you.” So Pink is making songs, Ciara, all these male-bashing songs, so I’m like the only dude to speak up for the guys from an intelligent, really been in a relationship type perspective.

Read the full interview here.


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