That’s right, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and the Skull Gang are teaming up with Mike Epps to release A Tribute to Bad Santa. You could call this a sequel to A Dipset Christmas. The Christmas album will feature “15 Christmas bangers” (their words), along with four skits, starring the group and guests like Freekey Zekey. It’s dropping on Koch November 25, online and in stores.

Hit the jump for the track-listing and a preview of the wavy Christmas album with Mike Epps in the studio.

01 Jim Jones: “Intro [ft. Sen Shoota]”
02 Mike Epps: “Skit #1″
03 Noe, Jim Jones, and Tim Gist: “Christmas Eve”
04 Juelz Santana: “Christmas in the Ghetto [ft. Rab]”
05 Sen, Freeky Zekey, Chink Santana, and Tom Gist: “Baby Keep It Here”
06 Mike Epps: “Skit #2″
07 Mel Matrix, Riz, Shoota: “Christmas Like This”
08 Juelz Santana: “Christmas Song [ft. Skull Gang]”
09 Mike Epps: “Skit #3″
10 Freeky Zekey, Sen, and Noe: “All The Things I Want”
11 Starr: “Jingle Bellz [ft. Juelz Santana]”
12 Mike Epps: “Skit #4″
13 Noe, Shoota, Tom Gist, and Red: “Better Not Cry”
14 Freekey Zekey: “On the First Day [ft. Sen and Shoota]”
15 Skull Gang: “Merry Christmas”
16 Riz, Noe, Jetlag Ash, John Famous: “12 Days of Christmas”
17 Sandman, Black, and Shoota: “Byrdgang Christmas”
18 Hard Luck, Shoota, and Tom Gist: “Gotta Get That”
19 Mel Matrix, Jim Jones, Sandman, and Esso: “It’s Christmas Time”


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