So there’s a bunch of new cuts floating around from 808’s and Heartbreak, which is less than 2 weeks away from release. There’s even a conference call someone recorded, for the real hardcore Ye stans.

Download: Kanye West ft Young Jeezy- So Amazing

But here’s my choice cut from the batch of leaks to hit the past few days: “So Amazing,” featuring Young Jeezy. Yep, there’s rappin’ on 808’s and Heartbreak, even though it’s not Ye. I won’t get started on the whole “ahh man, Ye isn’t rappin anymore,” because I don’t think he’s done rapping, and I’m all about letting artists do what they have to in the name of creativity.

And for the latest on the gossip front, check out People Magazine’s latest interview with Mr. West after the jump, where he explains why he’s feels like an alien.

“I want to have kids but I want to have the right girl too – someone who really cares about me….When I’m in a club, girls are super-calculating, planning every step.”

“It’s lonely at the top,” he told reporters Tuesday at a London listening party for the new album. “Losing my mom, having no woman in my life to support me – I feel like I’m on my own and can only express it through my music.”

And while admitting he was “depressed, down,” West said several celebrities have helped him bounce back.
“I ran into Beyoncé Knowles , Paul McCartney, [at the MTV Europe Music Awards and] I felt comfortable,” he said. “Rejuvenated.”

One year after his mother’s passing, West, 31, told PEOPLE that he’s been profoundly changed by her death (due to complications following cosmetic surgery). “She influenced me to do exactly what I want to do,” he explained. “With my mom’s passing, I learned that … you can’t let people box you in. You gotta do what you want to do.”

It’s a subject that, for a long time, was too sensitive to discuss. “I didn’t do any interviews after my mom passed, I wasn’t ready to speak about [it],” he said. “Now I’d rather talk it through than commit suicide. I’m super devastated.”

Cruelly, the rapper blames himself – or more specifically, his fame – for her death. “I feel like I moved to California, then my mom moved to California, and she did stuff she wouldn’t have done if we’d stayed in Chicago,” he said. “If I’d never made it in the music business, it never would’ve happened.”

And fame has brought complications to his own life. “I’m an alien. The only place I can be alone is my hotel room – I can’t even go to the grocery store,” West added. “But don’t feel sorry for me – I just did a shoot for Louis Vuitton. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay in the end.”

spotted @ Miss Info’s. More @ People.


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