Lil’ Wayne & DJ Drama - Dedication 3 (mixtape)

In one of my Weezy of the Week columns back when I was writing at UGHH, I said that we were in a golden age of Wayne and Weezy of the Week, and now I feel like the ending of that era is upon us. Not because Wayne’s done anything different, but he’s a superstar now. The non-hip-hop following public looks to Weezy as the face of rap (deserved or not), and nothing I can write about here is really news to anyone.

I don’t break Weezy stories anymore (not that I ever did), but before he was the cross-over hit he is now, he was that Louisiana rapper we all loved, or loved to hate. He was also the king of the mixtape circuit for god knows how long.

That’s where this fits in. The Dedication 3, the end-all-be-all of mixtapes that DJ Drama and Weezy have been cookin’ up forever, is upon us. I don’t know if I’ll hear this everywhere I go- from the suburbs of Scottsdale, AZ to the bodegas in East NY- but if I do, I’ll feel like Weezy of the Week did one last service in helping bring it to the masses.

(Props to illRoots for a good download link with the full mixtape)


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