I know the sight of that headline made 90’s hip-hop heads scurry to change their drawers. So I’ll just hit ya with the track up top. You don’t always have to save the best for last.

Download: Souls of Mischief - Tour Stories

I may not be the first to break this story, but I still gotta comment. If you haven’t heard, Souls of Mischief is gettin’ back together and have already dropped a single from their new album (download it above), which comes out sometime in 2009. They’re working with Prince Paul on the new record, not Statik Selektah, which some people have talked about since they dropped this video…

But as they say in this video…

…They aren’t working with Statik, YET. That’ll be something though, can’t wait to see that. And if the rest of the album is anything like the “Tour Stories” track, I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about a “return album” just to score a summer tour, a quick buck and put out a lame record (they never truly went away).

Hit the jump for part 1 of the interview with Emilio Sparks.


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