This was a little unexpected, but definitely welcome, especially considering the video for “I’ll Be In the Sky” is blowin’ up right now. If you haven’t heard the track, it’s one of the better ones (and my favorite) off the Who the Fuck is B.o.B.? mixtape.

I hope Michael Jackson (or whoever owns the Beatles catalog these days) doesn’t try and sue B.o.B. for the sample. He isn’t directly profiting from the song, because it’s from a mixtape, but that doesn’t mean people won’t try and get a quick buck these days. There were grumblings not too long ago of someone who was trying to bring a case against artists who sample on mixtapes and songs they aren’t selling, arguing the songs build the artist’s profile and they subsequently profit from that. Girl Talk may have changed that though.

Anyway, peep B.o.B. and support the man.


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