You know times have changed when two guys can have a beef that ends with no diss tracks and is settled in less than 24 hours; all while getting the attention of a East/West Coast battle in ‘96.

If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, you shouldn’t feel bad because it may have the record for the world’s shortest beef (no homo). I’m talking about Wale and euro journalist/personality DJ Semtex.

It all started with this:

Apparently Wale had been doing a million interviews in Europe the other day and DJ Semtex, during his interview, caught this lil blurb on Twitter and proceeded to ask Wale about it. To listen to that “altercation,” check out Semtex’s blog here.

I put altercation in quotes, because it was hardly that. Don’t believe me? Go listen. The two were pretty civil and friendly about it. The real shit-show came after on Twitter. The two ended up going back and forth, “tweeting” at each other until they called a truce.

Wale clarified what he meant early on, saying, “let me retract ” I hate interviews that go nowhere..and are redundant” lol NOT interesting ones with good questions..ask hiphopgame and dx.”

I don’t think Semtex cared too much, because the two continued to exchange comments yesterday, until Wale apologized for what he said.

If you ask me, it’s always convenient for someone to say “what I really meant was…” and Wale is guilty of that, but let’s be real, the guy didn’t make a stink or act like a diva to Semtex. On a similar note, I can sympathize with Semtex because I’ve waited hours for interviews as well, only to be treated like trash (which Semtex wasn’t by Wale). He was only trying to defend his people and make a valuable point: you should look out for the people who help you do what you do. Moral of the story: even people in the hip-hop game get sensitive (pause).

The real phenomenon and story is how Twitter sped this war of words up and burned out the beef before it could start. If there wasn’t such a thing as Twitter, this thing wouldn’t have gone on too much longer anyway, because an artist beefin with a DJ… well there wouldn’t be any diss tracks, and thus, no one cares.

Not unless Semtex pulls a Grandad:


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