DOWNLOAD: Theophilus London - This Charming Mixtape

This dude has crept on the scene and gotten the attention of my blogging contemporaries and I pretty quickly. It’s guys like this who make me wonder why we choose to listen to what we do, when he have hundreds of tracks crossing our way every week. Maybe in this case it’s his name, maybe it’s the mixtape cover, maybe it’s the YouTube videos. I’m not sure I know why I checked him myself, but I wasn’t disappointed, because he’s different.

Theophilus is the latest to come to us from the new promising stable of New York MCs, who make heavy use of the electro/synth sound. I don’t mean electro/synth as in auto-tune, so don’t prejudge the man before you can zShare it.

He strikes me as a guy that represents growth in hip-hop, kind of like progressive rockers do in their own world. I heard David Banner say once that the reason he loved J Dilla so much was because he was a guy who represented hip-hop growing up and evolving. I’m not comparing this guy to Dilla (I bet I had a few of you scared for a sec), but it’s real different stuff like this that makes me think there are a lot of frontiers left in hip-hop.


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  1. I met Theo last summer and shot him quite a bit , check some exclusive photos of Theo here , Daniel Warrington Photography

  2. Mark DiSalvo says:

    those are pretty dope. You shot the cover to this mixtape?

  3. Yep , that was me.

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