It’s a habit of all good writers and bloggers these days to keep up with what’s going on in the video realm. Sometimes we see way too much of things we don’t really want to see and other times, like in this case, things that are worth watching fall far under our radar.

Who am I kidding, the fact I like watching videos on the internet doesn’t equal a good work ethic. Anyway…

The bright side is that I found Outasight’s videos, with the help of 6th Sense and the Notherground Blog. In addition to this, 6th’s own Notherground TV, and Joe Budden TV… there aren’t many more artist videos that I can consistently recommend (off the top of my head, no hate-mail please).

Above is episode 5, which follows Outasight to the MTVU Woodie’s Awards and to the studio with 6th Sense. If you didn’t know by now, I’m a big fan of studio footage.

I’d highly recommend checkin’ out Outasight (he does more than make good webisodes). Look forward to more Outasight on 2ManyMCs real soon.


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