There’s rare moments in swag that need to be recognized. With that said, I’d like to introduce you to 2ManyMC’s newest series, “Great Moments in Swag.”

Along with the words below, B Nyce and I have put together a video companion to show you what we’re talking about, complete with video annotations and bubbles. It’s like Pop-Up video… on the internet, and much more hip-hop.

Some people say the word swag is thrown around too much these days. I agree. However, it’s the swag-less who throw the word around to the point where we’ve gotten sick of it. I’m here to take it back. Like Rat Pack back.

In a day and age where swag has become a word to describe how cool you think your bright throwback crewneck is, we need to remember what swag really is. There’s really no better embodiment of what makes that grown man swagger than the first minute of Ryan Leslie’s video for “Diamond Girl.”

No, it’s not just what Ryan Leslie’s wearing you insecure metros. It’s his walk, his tardiness for his own show and complete disregard for it. Just look at the video itself. It’s enough to make Old Blue Eyes proud.


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