The way some of these tracks sound, I would not be surprised if Only Built for Cuban Linx 2 did the impossible- back to back classic albums from one artist. Nearly 15 years after OB4CL’s release, in the age of mixtapes and YouTube, a guy from the days of old was able to keep himself relevant with a bunch of young people my age (21) and younger.

After listening to the Wu-Tang Clan quite a bit during my formative years, Raekwon became my favorite member of the Wu after the opening track of OB4CL, but even as a Rae stan, I never thought he’d have the longevity we all thought Method Man would have, or Ghostface has shown to have.

As far as Only Built for Cuban Linx 2 is concerned, there is apparently an April 7 release date pinned as of now (don’t count on that), and a video has been shot for what is probably the album’s first single, “Wu Ohh”…

DOWNLOAD: Wu Ohh ft Method Man & Ghostface

The second track thought to be on the album, with good reason, is “Criminology Part 2.” If the name’s not a big enough clue…

DOWNLOAD: Criminology Pt 2

And on top of all that, Rae has a mixtape due out in the next few weeks, titled Blood on the Chef’s Apron. Never one to leave us hangin’, Raekwon broke us off with a preview.

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon- Heat Rocks

You know what, we may really see OB4CL2 in the next few months after all.

tracks via Nah Right


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