K-The-I??? is interesting. I’ll be up front with you to say I’ve never really been a fan, but I respect where he’s coming from and “his struggle,” especially the one he describes in this interview. There seems to be a theme this week of rappers from Boston who have been unable to capitalize on their careers in the city, and they move elsewhere and things start taking off for them.

This all got me thinking, why Boston? What’s wrong with it? The conclusion I came to is a simple one…

Nothing. There’s nothing wrong with Boston that other places don’t experience. It’s not unusual for people to leave their hometowns for big careers in New York and Los Angeles. Hell, it’s required in most cases unless you actually live in New York or LA to begin with. People may say Boston is too fixated on a “hard image” (pause), it doesn’t stick together, or it’s not ready for change, but I bet every other city in America with a hip-hop scene has the same complaints levied against it, excluding NY and LA of course. Those criticisms may be valid too, but it’s not unique to Boston.

If you need an example(s), look no farther than: Kanye West (Chicago), DJ Premier (Texas), Guru (Boston), and The Roots (sure they’re from Philly and proud, but their movement was solidified in New York with the Soulqarians).

So “fly away,” go where your career takes you. If you hold yourself back in one place, you probably deserve the consequences.


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