(video will be available shortly if it’s not working at first)

Here’s where I spent the bulk of my night: at the Blacksmith showcase. I felt right at home having to go 20 minutes out of my way, outside the city to get to this joint. That’s hip-hop. It looked like someone’s backyard barbeque. It was well worth it because to say the bill was strong is an understatement: Blu and Exile, Strong Arm Steady, Idle Warship (who were dope and need more love), Kid Daytona, John Forte’s first live performance in 7 years, and Reflection Eternal.

They even had Hi-Tek playing some beats live on stage during the Reflection Eternal set. Forgive me for not having footage of that because my jaw was on the floor (pause?). This was the video taken from my flipcam, after I lost a decent spot up front. My apologies on the quality, but I’ve got some others coming that are much better quality.

In the meantime, enjoy this performance as best you can, and pretend you’re at SXSW if you’re not.


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