Next to the Drake mixtape, this is probably the most anticipated album to be released so far this year (in our lil hip-hop world). Yes, it is an album, and a big thank-you is in order for U-N-I for not delaying the release, causing comment sections on hip-hop blogs to crash. I would recommend checking this out if for no other reason than U-N-I are good people (had the pleasure of meeting them at SXSW), and I know a lot of work went into this.

Any person with a song titled “Lauren London” is an instant post too.

Track list and download after the jump.

They ask that everyone who downloads to album does so from the YoThurz site: So click that link, or click here to download A Love Supreme.

01 My Life
02 Windows
03 Supreme
04 Hollywood Hiatus
05 Lately
06 Pulp Fiction Part 1 f. Fashawn
07 The Grudge
08 Voltron
09 Stylin
10 Hammertime
11 Calendar Girls
12 Lauren London
13 Black Sky
14 Halftime
15 A Love Supreme


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