In my effort to put an extra spotlight on some new artists who have submitted music to me, I’m bringing back the Weekly Mic check, and this week’s artist, Parable.

DOWNLOAD: Parable- “Mathematics of a Dream”

Hailing from Miami and the burgeoning scene there, but not part of We Tha Best! (shocking for a Miami rapper these days, huh), Parable is a pretty intense guy on the mic. It’s one of those paradoxes though, because he’s a pretty cool guy off stage. If the picture above doesn’t do a justice, well… you’re just a square.

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In the spirit of hip-hop, he’s shown us via YouTube that he can hold his own in a cipher, and that he’s willing to be a road warrior; which means you may see him in a city near you soon. On top of all that, he spit a pretty cool freestyle over Freeway/Jake-One’s “The Truth,” and little things like that will get my attention.

While, “Mathematics of a Dream” was more in the classic b-boy-esqe flavor (with a dope beat), Parable’s other single “Utopia,” is what I mean when I say the guy is intense.

DOWNLOAD: Utopia (We At War)

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