DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap Intro

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross ft. Usher- Everything You Want

I’ll be honest and say I was skeptical when I heard all these rave reviews about Rawse’s new album, but I’ve been shown I had no reason to be. I listened to it today and was pleasantly surprised. It is really good, and probably features the best production on an album in 2009 so far.

Here’s two tracks that didn’t make the album that leaked onto the net in the past few hours. The first is the “lost” intro to the album. He should have used it… it’s definitely worthy. The other track, “Everything You Want ft. Usher,” is presumably a leftover to Deeper Than Rap, but it’s a little weaker than the rest of the album if you ask me.

Thanks to NMC & illroots for the tracks.


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