Something I’ve always respected about hip-hop is that it never hides from what it does. And that includes open corporate sponsorships and partnerships with “the man.”

Do you realize that this kind of association ruins artists in other genres? Metallica fans said they sold out just because they started making videos and actually went platinum. That’s low standards for “selling out.”

Not hip-hop though. Even back in the day, Run-DMC had an endorsement deal with adidas. Your favorite rappers have continued that proud tradition with Vitamin Water, Fat Burger chains, and car ads. Not to mention clothing lines have lived and died through their image and alignment with rappers.

That’s why this latest Dr Pepper ad with Dr Dre didn’t surprise me. It actually made me smile. What’s the big deal though?

Well, this ad features the first clip of a beat that will be featured on Detox.

Yes, the most anticipated hip-hop album of the past decade had a partial premiere on a soda commercial.

Some may say it’s selling out. I say it’s history repeating itself


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