Here’s the first of the footage from Wednesday night’s Drake show at URI (besides the preview I posted yesterday). The video above is the fully edited and cut version of “Congratulations,” and below are “Unstoppable,” “Uptown,” and “Successful,” in the order he played them at the show. We had two cameras in the building, so we edited the shots together.

Please excuse the lighting if you can. The venue had terrible lighting (or none at all). The videos will be available in HD/high quality soon, if they aren’t by the time you’re viewing this.

We’ll be dropping Part 2, (ie: the rest of the show) later today, so check back.

Thanks to CL500 Entertaiment and 500 RECORDS for putting on the event.


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  1. Cdotrapalot says:

    great show great coverage by 2 many mcs

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