It’s been a solid week since you’ve heard from me and you’re probably wondering what’s up.

Since I started 2ManyMCs, I’ve experimented and tried to find what I/we could uniquely offer to you. The site is not even a year old, and like anything, it takes time to find your niche. I don’t think we’re there yet, but we’ve increasingly found more of a vision in some our original content; from the trip to SXSW, our Drake footage, and other small projects.

From now on though, 2ManyMCs won’t purely be a music purveyor or something that posts a track with little explanation. That’s not us, because most of that music is not stuff we’re breaking anyway. Of course, we’ll continue to hit you up with the stuff we think is dopest in hip-hop.

What can you expect: Interviews, more original video, writing/opinion pieces on stuff in hip-hop, and of course, the newest music.

I had a stated goal when I started this thing that I wanted to be a launching pad for artists who may have a difficult time breaking, and I want to do a better job of that. To help with that, when you email me, tell me ideas you have on how we can work together, and what you think is best. What’s the use in just posting a zShare link here?


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