I remember a time when going platinum in the first week was the minimum requirement for success. I was a kid then, but I can remember Best Buy building its empire by practically billing itself to my neighborhood as a cheap place to get CDs. It was nothin’ to go in there and come out with a handful.

Things have changed now though. Most people had their mind made up on what they thought of the Blueprint 3 before it was even officially released.

Last week, Kid CuDi sold about 105k in his first week and by the rest of the media’s standards, that’s a success. And it is. He’s a new artist who had to fight the uphill battle of getting the media to care about him. Mr. West’s co-sign didn’t hurt either of course.

Let’s look back at some of this year’s more anticipated releases to see how CuDi’s 105k stacks up.

Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap
158,000 in Week 1
With the 50 Cent beef, Officer Ricky had plenty of publicity to have a strong showing. It’s the lowest opening week numbers of his 3 albums though.

Jim Jones - Pray IV Reign
42,818 in Week 1
Jimmy’s efforts to promote this thing on Twitter were admirable, but his major label debut has still yet to hit 100k in sales. Maybe some of that A-rab money should have gone to promo.

Asher Roth - Asleep in the Bread Aisle
65,000 in Week 1
He was essentially the first of the “blog generation” to make the full transition to major label life, and considering the money that must have gone into making that album, I have a feeling the suits weren’t thrilled with these numbers.

Jay-Z - Blueprint 3
476,000 in Week 1
HOV is out from Def Jam’s grip and had a marketing campaign you couldn’t escape. It’s clear that the days of platinum in a week are dwindling (duhh, Mark)…


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