I can’t really blame the guys who rap about their money, clothes, or girls these days.

I can’t.

I won’t criticize em’ for it.

In a lot of ways, they’re responding to the cries of the public. For a long time, people were complaining about gangster rap and the violence that lingered in hip-hop. They said women were being excessively degraded. They said it was getting out of hand. It wasn’t just politicians, old folks, or stiffs either; it was even kids who said “yeah I like hip-hop, but I like old school stuff when it wasn’t about killin’ and hos.” If someone says they don’t like hip-hop now because of those reasons, I know they don’t listen to popular music. If they did, they’d know it’s all about rapping about what you have: Gucci, G-Shocks, J’s.

What’s my point? We’re moving past the whole guns and girls phase, and I think someone should point that out once and for all, even if we’re into clothes and into hipster stuff. Did we graduate to something better? You decide.

p.s.: I will criticize you if that’s ALL you rap about, because it’s unoriginal. Don’t you love the contradictory nature of hip-hop… and me

Hit the jump for my case in point: The Clipse

The Clipse were always like hip-hop’s cult classic. The people who knew about them loved them. They were hard too. Hard like, I got an army behind me.

Like all things though, times change: look at them now …

“I’m Good” is exactly what I’m talking about. In one group, you can see the growth and sign of the times. Tough image to “I got a lot of stuff.”

And there ends my seriousness…

While we’re on The Clipse, this song is illy….

DOWNLOAD: The Clipse ft. Kanye West - Kinda Like a Big Deal


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