Continuing our look into MTV’s Hottest MC’s List by comparing it to college football and it’s difficulty to understand, we have 50 Cent. The final list was revealed yesterday and I will break numbers 8 through 1 down in a two-post format. For now, enjoy this look at 50 Cent and the Golden Domers.

This one is easy. 50 just clocked in at number 9 on MTV’s list. I can only speculate that it has something to do with the Rawse beef earlier this year. In that case, Ricky should be even higher on the list. (editor’s note: I was right)

As for who 50 is…

Notre Dame.

Once a powerhouse of football, sometimes referred to as The University of Football in America, Notre Dame was the dream of all kids playing in the school yard. And they scared people. They churned out pros, proud alumni, and influential people in the press. Now though, Notre Dame isn’t as mighty as it once was. We all know they’re capable of great things, as they perennially recruit top talent. For some reason, they just can’t put it together.

Kinda like Fif’, huh? He took New York by storm and the world soon after. You can thank him in a lot of ways for taking the rapper-to-mogul persona to a level people hadn’t before. I’m omitting the most important part, though: the music. How many times did you hear “Many Men” and then “In the Club”? How much did you play that song? Don’t lie to yourself. After two monumental albums though, we’ve been let down a little. Singles hit, mixtapes weren’t bad, but we know he’s got it in him.

Much like Notre Dame, 50 has never lost his relevance. Give them both that missing piece and watch out.

At the end of the day, they both have the last laugh. 50’s empire is prosperous and well documented, and The Irish have an exclusive television contract with NBC to broadcast all their games. They aren’t part of a major conference either. They don’t need the money or the “perks” that accompany membership.

That’s some Pope-like power.

Look out for numbers 5-8 tomorrow. Since the cat’s out the bag, check out the rest of MTV’s list.


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