Too many MC’s, what?!

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Too Many MC’s… Not Enough Mics (full name’s important, right?) is a blog, website, community, mixtape and audio purveyor, video source, and news site all thrown into one. We try hard at least.

The difference between me and any other blog site you see is that I will put you on. That’s right, like Big L, I’ll put you on. What’s that mean? If you got a mixtape, I’ll post it up for everyone to see. If you have a new video, I’ll put that on. If you got a track you just finished up in your boy’s basement in Queens, I got you too. I may even put myself on, shit. The only thing I ask for is the effort on your part. Shop me your quality stuff, and show me you put your love of hip-hop in it.

Why is 2MMNEM (like that acronym?) important, or why am I important? I’m really not, I’m used to be a writer at and freelanced a bit, so my name’s out there, but that’s not why. I’m trying to build with you all in mind. It’ll be the next movement, and you’ll all be a part of it.

-Mark DiSalvo

Big thanks to Ben Tieni for doing all the graphics, good looks!

DISCLAIMER: I will never post full albums without permission/explicit directions from the artist or his/her camp. I will also remove any content by official request of the artist or his/her representation. All tracks that appear on were posted with consent of the artist’s representation, or are re-posts of material from other websites that displayed reasonable proof they were obtained by the same legitimate means.

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  1. Im very proud of you ~!! its looks wonderful even in infancy lol….. i’lll most definitely be amping this up to everyone I know ~!~!




  4. Eric does your C key not work? lol

  5. Quit frontin everyone knows taht shit is ovarated.
    What you shook, What!?

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