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I was sitting here today listening to an old Imeem playlist and Gnarls Barkley came on. Now, I realize they aren’t exactly M.I.A., as Cee-lo has been out and about, most recently with the Goodie Mob reunion. After all, the Odd Couple LP is barely over a year old.

However, with our memories on a short-term kick, it’s easy to forget some artists who come along and disappear quickly again. Blogs like this one contribute to that, but I think we are moving toward a less A.D.H.D. culture on the internets… to a degree.

Either way, I refuse to be part of the problem. So I’d now like to kick off our weekly profile of artists once adorned, but now lost in obscurity. My mission? To locate these people and get some information on where/when we’ll hear them again.

Gnarls Barkley

Last release: The Odd Couple

Last time members were seen: Cee-Lo Green was seen on stage September 20 in Atlanta for the Goodie Mob reunion.

Danger Mouse was most recently producing a collaboration with the band Sparklehorse. The project was never released because EMI and Danger Mouse are believed to have legal issues surrounding its distribution.

Status on label: Still part of the roster of Downtown Records (why would they be dropped anyway?)

Next release: No word. If you have an idea, let me know.


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