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DOWNLOAD: Black ELement- A Major Minority

So as I’m gettin’ back on two feet from a dope weekend in DC, I’m greeted with the release of Black ELement’s debut A Major Minority. If you read this site at all, you probably know him by now.. and if you don’t, now you have no excuse not to. EL sent me a copy a week or two ago and I’m beyond impressed.

In this internet age that’s made super-stars out of basement rappers and made hip-hop accessible to the world, there’s a lot of shit out there. There’s also a lot of good stuff, and this is in that “good” category. He’s had a tremendous amount of buzz for a good reason, and really has all the tools to be around for a while.

So don’t be a bandwagon fan a few years down the road, get on this now so you can be an asshole to your friends and say, “ahh shit man, I copped an album from him when it was free online.”

Congrats EL.


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The second and final installment of our time with Black Element in Harlem. Black tells us more about himself, chops up the internet mentality of MCs, and more. Remember to check out his album, A Majority Minority, out September 18. Also look out for Black on the 2ManyMCs Mixtape, dropping this Tuesday.

aside: Don’t you love YouTube quality? We’re workin’ on our Vimeo tip.


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