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I get off the plane in Boston to be greeted with that headline from my good friend Trees at JumpTheTurnstyle.

Apparently Joe Budden made some enemies on Thursday after a show in Boston, promoted by Edo G. According to Edo, Budden told the people not associated with the show to get off the stage because he “didn’t want it to be a sausage-fest.” Bean-town didn’t take too kindly to that, and Budden subsequently had threats against his life by Boston’s finest all night. In response to the “violation,” Edo G has “banned” Joe Budden from Boston.

I’m sure that’ll go over lovely with Amalgam Digital, Joey’s label, which is based in Boston. Ironically enough, both Edo G, and Amalgam Digital CEO, DJ Next appeared on DJ ON&ON’s Launchpad radio show last night to discuss what happened. Instead of what the obvious question would be to DJ Next (how do YOU feel about this), DJ Next proceeded to drop a bombshell:


Joe Budden knows about this too, according to DJ Next.

For the full interview with Edo G and DJ Next (thanks to JTTS for this audio), listen below:



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On Thursday, head over to Amalgam Digital’s site to see Joe Budden put the finishing touches on his upcoming LP, Padded Room. The broadcast will be live, from 4-7 PM EST.

If you miss the live recording, be sure to check back here, I’ll do my best to come up with a recorded copy somehow.

I really like this, not just because I enjoy watching the creative process, but because an artist like Budden has been so insistent on incorporating the internet and new media when it comes to his major releases, even putting more of an emphasis on the internet than retail.


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