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DOWNLOAD: U-N-I - Before There Was Love (Mixtape)

Sometimes I become numb from hype. I’ll hear so much about something that when it finally drops, it’s like it’s not out, because I’ve seen the cover, heard the leaks, or seen the videos of the cats in the studio. I get so familiar with people that don’t have albums, much less more than a handful of songs. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt funny sometimes, but this is why I mess with the hip-hop internet game in the first place.

U-N-I is one of those groups. And it’s shame I was like that with them, because I denied myself hearing a pretty hot mixtape, if only for a day or two, but in 2009 on the internet, that’s an eternity, ya know? Straight outta Inglewood too, West Coast stand up!

Track list and back cover after the jump

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