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DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa - Ode to Naked Pop Stars

Ever since the Panamanian girls caused Pan-demonium (that was lame) and the ode song by BK Cyph dropped, you knew that it was going to become the norm when any interesting pictures came out.

Well Rihanna just had to one up Cassie, and Wiz Khalifa had to one-up the rest of the rap world with his own ode/freestyle. And here it is, over Drake’s “You the Best” beat. This was some week for pop starlets, sheeeeet.


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Here it is, the second half of the Drake show at URI on Wednesday. My apologies for not getting it out Friday evening, but early Saturday morning ain’t too awful. I’ll have these on Vimeo later today, but for now, enjoy the YouTube quality.

Thanks to B Nyce for helping edit all this, and a big shout out to all the URI students checking these videos out.

Hit the jump at the bottom for a bonus clip of Drake addressing the ladies at URI. I’m still amazed at how everyone knew every single lyric.

Best I Ever Had

Every Girl

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Do you realize how huge it is to have the whole crowd singing along with your track when it’s not even a single, or on an album?

Good-bye to CD sales forever

spotted @ Nah Right


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