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Download: B.o.B. - ‘Who the F#*K is B.o.B?’ Mixtape

B.o.B. just dropped this mixtape, which features some songs you’ve seen here before (I’ll Be in the Sky, Generation Lost), and a bunch of other good tracks. The man’s got a few mixtapes out now, and still no album. If the stuff making it on his mixtapes is being left off his album, then his LP tracks must be really good.

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He’ll be my favorite artist in a few months.

Check out the latest single Atlanta’s B.o.B. just dropped on Urb, “Generation Lost.”

Download: B.o.B. - Generation Lost

Damn I wanna hear this album.


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Download: B.o.B. - In the Sky

If you didn’t like that “Haterz” joint, don’t judge him by that. “In the Sky” is his latest single to drop, and it’s hot. Takes everything you love about the ATL sound and more.

Dropped on his MySpace, copped over at 2dopeboyz.


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