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I was reading the latest XXL today, particularly Cam’s cover article and one thing stood out to me above anything else: Cam has class. I will repeat that; He’s a classy guy. I know that may seem hard to believe considering how flamboyant he is, with magazine covers like this…

But he handled the questions about Jim Jones and the rest of Dipset with very sincere responses, and refused to slam any of the dudes. If anything, he expressed concern for them, the way a big brother would. No matter what though, he always insisted he’s in control. There were times where he was pressed for answered by the interviewer, but he never flipped (at least not in the version we’re all reading). It was hard not to appreciate his honesty about the experience of his absence due to his mom’s illness.

By the way, I’m not a Cam stan. That disclaimer is probably needed any time Cam gets praised, huh?


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