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DOWNLOAD: J Dilla - Reality Check, Ft. Black Thought

This dropped last week on OkayPlayer, but if you haven’t heard it, it’s a good way to get your week started. How tough is that beat… How good is Black Thought…

This track will be featured on the upcoming Jay Stay Paid LP, due out June 2. The album will feature 25 of Dilla’s best beats, some unreleased, some greats, with a great lineup of MCs over em. It’s an official release from the Dilla estate, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your $$ going to the wrong people, assuming you buy it.

On a different note, I’ve seen the pictures of Dilla diggin’ before, but I’ve never seen this one. It’s kinda cool.


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I’m not normally one of those “omg J Dilla is a God” people, even though I love the guy’s work and he’s one of my favorite producers. I don’t need to wear a shirt with the man’s silhouette on it to show my appreciation.

But after reading this, I may start.  My whole outlook was turned upside-down today when I read ?uestlove’s account at Rappers I Know, of how Dilla flipped a beat with a seemingly un-sample-able sample.

The story involves ?uesto, Jay Dee, and Pete Rock (super-producer trio right there, huh?), blizzards in Detroit, and a display of humility and humbleness that is rare in life, not just hip-hop.

So if you were ever sitting in front of your MPC and thought the sample you were using was impossible to work with, take a look at this story to see how Dilla handled the same situation.

Read: Questlove vs. Jay Dee: The “Little Brother” Beat Story (via Rappers I Know)


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Download: Common- Be (original version produced by J Dilla)

This surfaced a few hours ago on Nah Right and caught my attention quicker than anything all week. The actual album version of this song is one of my favorite cuts from that album, and maybe my favorite intro track ever.

This new cut though, is apparently the “original version,” and was produced by J Dilla. It’s being unearthed for DJ Eves new mixtape hosted by Oddisee.


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Then you need to check out the tribute track to J Dilla that was just released by Solillaquists of Sound, J-Live, Chali 2na, and Ma Dukes. The track, “Death of the Muse,” can be downloaded for a minimum donation of $2 from InSound.

All the proceeds go to Maureen Yancey, the mother of J Dilla, who was left in a terrible financial situation from all the medical bills to treat her son. To make things worse, the executors of her son’s estate have done a poor job in collecting money owed to Dilla, leaving all the deceased producer’s money to go to people other than his family. Ms. Yancey has already lost her house, and now her own health is declining.

I receive and give ya’ll plenty of free tracks daily, $2 for a good cause is the least we all can do.

A lot has happened to the Yancey family, and anything we can do to make it easier is the least we can do. Rest in peace James Yancey.

Go to to get the track and make a donation.

For more info on the track, the charity, and to hear a preview of the track itself, visit Okay Player.


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