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By now you’ve probably heard Lupe is retiring after his next album, LupEND, which will be a three disc set. Above is what appears to be a freestyle at a recent show Lupe did, which I guess should serve as a preview of what’s to come.

I’m kinda curious why Lupe wants to retire. It’s rare for a someone, especially a rapper, to realize they will not be relevant or in the limelight forever. If Lupe is retiring for that reason, I give him credit for not letting hubris let him rap into the retirement homes. However, don’t you think Lupe has more in him than that? He’s a guy to me that could be next in line to get on that super-star status of Kanye West or Lil Wayne. At the very least, I could see him going a little longer than he apparently wants to.

Then again, Jay-Z is supposed to be retired too.


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