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This video was getting some serious face-time on MTV Jams tonight. I saw it at least once an hour, and any time someone at the crib flipped back to the channel, this thing was on.

All songs that feature T-Pain these days are kinda the same (notice I said FEATURE, because the man’s own catalog is really interesting). Think about it: he harmonizes with the artist on the hook, throws in an adlib or two, and after the 2nd or third verse, he has his own little breakdown section where he sings for a moment, and then boom, back to the hook.

But I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. After all, this track probably will stick in the radio world.

Anyway, I thought this would also be a good opportunity to post Maino’s latest mixtape, Black Flag City, that was sent over to me a few days ago. Its lead track is the video single (”All the Above”), and also contains the “However Do You Want It” track/sample flip I thought was cool.

DOWNLOAD: Maino - Black Flag City (mixtape)


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So we already have Skillz and his great year-end (w)rap ups, but now it looks like Maino is trying to do the same thing… only he plays fortune teller.

Some predictions those are, Maino.


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I saw this over at Byron Crawford’s spot. If you want to read more about it, I suggest you go there, he’s a lot funnier.

“How many times have you been with a girl to the clinic?”
Maino: “Plenty”

Nuff said.


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