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Download: Black Element & Dub Floyd - Missing Elements Vol. 1 (mixtape)

Black shared the news with me last night that he will unfortunately have to push back the release date of his debut album, A Majority Minority. But it’s not a Detox push-back, it’s just a week.

To hold you off, El dropped a mixtape this morning with Dub Floyd of the League Crew (with a pretty ill cover). Missing Elements Vol 1, is NOT the album, so don’t sleep next week when AMM drops. Many of the tracks on the mixtape are ones you’ve heard if you’ve been listening to El (like Down, I love that song), but there’s also some new ones. Not to mentioned the thing is mixed (for real), and El takes care of the hosting duties.

So check out the mixtape for now, and see why Black Element is an Okay Player, and a 2ManyMC’s … Player…Rapper? (I’ll work on that one)

Track list and back cover inside.

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Download: Black ELement - Presidential Paradise (Prod. by BBoySpaz)

Another installment of Black Element’s “Missing Elements” series, and the first on If you have any short-term memory at all, you’ll remember him on the video here.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Black Element drops A Majority Minority, on September 18, he’ll be hitting us up with unreleased tracks, and a little message about them. Here’s what he had to say this week:

Whenever I had a bad day as a kid, like any other child I would drift away into my own fantasy world where everything I wanted was available to me. I revisit that world of total freedom and no limits as a adult, where I’m in charge and there are no rules. If I was on a island and could take a few things…

Also, big shout out to 2DopeBoyz for posting the video we did of Black!


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