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Fab clocked in at #8 on MTV’s Hottest MC’s in the Game list.

#8- Fabolous is to rap as Penn State is to College Football

How is that you ask? Well, they both possess intangibles that are required for success. Fab can rap. His flow and mic presence are there and it’s hard to dispute. Penn State will always be good defensively. If you’re a linebacker that went to Penn State, you wear that as a badge of honor. Hell, you’re going to be drafted in the first round.

So what’s the problem? You can win with that, right? A good flow makes a good track, and defense wins championships.

Not so fast.

Penn State’s last national title was in 1986. Even though they have largely been ranked in the top 10 for the better part of two decades, they don’t have much to show for it.

Fab’s been in this game for a while. He’s remarked that he’s been spittin’ full time since the 90’s and is a contemporary of Nas and Jay-Z. However, he’s not mentioned with them. We know he can rap with the best of them, but his mainstream success has largely been determined by his singles. His LPs are always points of contention for critics. Case in point: Loso’s Way.

Keys for the Game: Deliver in the big game and you’ll be in the national championship.

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A few years ago, MTV started the “Hottest MC’s in the Game” list. If you couldn’t figure out what they do by the title, the network sits around with hip-hop “experts” and others to argue out who the hottest is, and in the process come up with a ranked list.

It was just revealed today that Raekwon has come in at #10. Not a bad choice, but the way rankings are given out is a system that is strikingly similar to another confusing, unscientific ranking system.

I’m talking about the NCAA Football rankings a.k.a. the BCS. TV networks like ESPN have created countless TV shows and even new networks (ESPN U) that revolve around discussing this ambiguous system no one quite has a grip on.

So, this is where I come in. Think of me as a slightly more coherent Lou Holtz. I’ll break down the MTV list in a way college football fans could understand: I’ll explain what team each rapper could be described as.

So who is Raekwon?

(photo credit: AP/ESPN)

University of Miami

For a good part of the 90’s, Miami was a powerhouse. And their players were characters. Flambouyant, confident, and sometimes in trouble with the law or the university, but always winners. Think Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, and Michael Irvin. However, something went wrong in the past decade. The mighty U wasn’t so mighty anymore. No national titles, no bowl games, but everyone knew the name.

Now it’s 2009 and Miami (so far) looks like they could win the ACC and maybe get back in the BCS graces.

Does that sound similar to a certain hip-hop clique that ruled the 90’s? Thought so. The Wu-Tang Clan may as well have been the University of Miami. They ran the 90’s, but most of the members oddly fell into obscurity after experiencing early solo success. It was a big fall for a group of dudes with attitude, flamboyance, endless merchandise, and a video game (remember that?).

However, in the past year, Raekwon’s star has been reborn. Getting caught up in the blog-explosion, Rae dropped new tracks, mixtapes, features, and finally delivered the follow-up to his masterpiece, Only Built for Cuban Linx 2.

Stay tuned for #9


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