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DOWNLOAD: Old Money x Writer’s Block present “Other Planes of There” (mixtape)

Old Money hit me up with this just in time for the weekend. It’s a mix they assembled after coming to the realization that there’s nothing new under the sun, but also that inspiration in black music hasn’t changed so much over time, and that black musicians looking to outer space and “Other Planes of There” is the common thread in it all. Note: Old Money referenced the article I linked there, they deserve all the credit for these existential musings. I’m merely repeating what they told me.

If you were wondering, Writer’s Block is:

“Writers Block is a Cultural/Arts Movement based in NYC, whose core objective is to expose the general public to a higher quality of Art and Entertainment. For more info, check out this video (HIGHLY recommended viewing), filmed by The New Pop.”

Hit the jump for the tracklisting.

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Download: Old Money Crew- Just Got Chopped (Crack) [Prod. by 6th Sense]

Always love it when artists take the time to give me something directly (the site’s new, I’m still honeymooning). I just got this from Scheme from the Old Money Crew. It was produced by 6th Sense, and I’m definitely feelin’ the vibe of the beat. Their sound is different, and I’m liking it. Dave Chappelle sample on the intro/outro doesn’t hurt either.

Thanks Scheme.


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