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Download: Jim Jones ft. Ryan Leslie- Precious

Here’s what’s being called the newest single from Jim Jones’ upcoming album, Pray IV Reign. Nah Right is calling it “possibly” the first, but I swore the other day on MTV that they had the Ron Brownz joint “Pop Champagne” credited to Pray IV Reign.

My first impression of this is pretty decent too. It never hurts with me to have R Les on your track (and presumably producing you). Not being a die-hard Dipset stan, I think I can say with objectivity that Jim Jones has definitely been one of those rappers who you can chart their growth through their records; with very publicized records at that. He may not be Biggie or L, but tell me he’s not in that top 5 of most recognizable voices in hip-hop today.

Thanks to Nah Right for the track.


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