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DOWNLOAD: Trackstar the DJ x TSS Present: Joe Budden - Pride and Paranoia (mixtape)

I get a lot of mixtapes, and I find a lot of mixtapes. This is one I found, but it didn’t take much effort as it’s brought to you by The Smoking Section, which I read every day anyway. Because I get so many mixtapes, I try to think of interesting ways to post them. You know, maybe on a particular day I should post them all, so you know where to come for some “Mixtape Madness” on any given day of the week (as you can see, I’ve thought of corny catchphrases already).

It all came crashing down when I realized Mixtape Monday is taken already (thanks MTV), and I currently cannot tell which day of the week it is up here in Boston because every day is gray and rainy. So it really doesn’t matter when I post them.

However, I digress, and am happy to be posting this mixtape, as it’s the latest from St. Louis’ DJ Trackstar (or Trackstar the DJ…). You can think of it as a nice blend of some of Joey B’s greatest hits. If you’re a stan, you know what you’re getting and I think you’ll like this. But, if you’re an internet and hip-hop newcomer, this is a good way to acquaint yourself with hip-hop’s number 1 YouTube reality show/v-blog star.

Track listing and back cover after the jump

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