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Damu told me about this the other day, and I was looking forward to seeing it (because who gets Current TV anyway?). It’s an interesting look into the MPC’s use in hip-hop and beyond.

Good looks on hookin’ us up with the video, Damu!

Also, good looks to all the sites and forums (Melyssa Ford, Long Hair Care) that have linked back to me for the track everyone’s going bananas over. Keep checkin’ back. We’re all in the studio and filming this weekend for the release of our first mixtape next week, so please check back.


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Too many people have died this month. Really talented people too.

Jerry Wexler was a music producer that was instrumental in bringing Stax Records to prominence and was a huge part of the blow-up of 60’s soul music. Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, and a lot of other giant names got their careers started under his guidance. Without his influence, hip-hop may have sounded a lot different (what would we sample?)

Go over to the LA Times if you want to read the obituary.


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