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Unfortunately my friend Black ELement was unable to release his debut LP today, A Majority Minority. It happens sometimes, but he’ll come through. Read it from the horse’s mouth:

So this time, A Major Minority will be released very soon, but I’m not giving a date until everything is complete. No reasoning, just know its not done and extra touches are being put on the right spots.

But until then, he’s not one to leave us hangin’. He showed me this track last night, and I’m really feelin’ it. You ever wish you could have that feel you had when you first heard a record like the Black Star record? And now how like, everyone tries to make it and it just sounds old. Well, not with this. It’s got that same flavor and feel, but is what it is: real, new, and different. It doesn’t hurt when you put Jelani on the track either. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Download: Black ELement - Quiet Nights, featuring Jelani


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