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DOWNLOAD: Sean Price - Figure Four

Here’s another leak from Kimbo Price. I like the beat. It’s simple and echoes the tone of his words and flow.

But what I really want to know is…

Is the Kimbo Price title going to lose it’s novelty, since Kimbo Slice got rocked last week?

Thanks to NR


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…and he ain’t even dead.

There’s a Lil Wayne documentary currently wrapping up that is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. The Carter, is filmmaker Adam Bhala Lough’s chronicle of a day in the life of Weezy. It’s being billed by the Sundance Festival’s PR department as “an in-depth look at the artist… proclaimed by many as the ‘greatest rapper alive.” The film will feature the usual one-on-one interviews and commentary by Dwayne’s closest friends.

Cool, I guess. Weezy’s fine by me, but he never struck me as the most interesting rapper to shoot a whole film on. I don’t like to offer idle criticism either, so I made a top 3 list of my own “must-see rapper docs.”

1. Sean Price - All I had to see was this, to know I need to see more.

2. Joe Budden - We already get Joe Budden TV, so this isn’t required… but I’d watch it. Plus, give us more footage like this, and you have a winner.

3. Jim Jones- He’s drawing out a plan to be the next big thing, Dame Dash follows him around, and he’s entertaining as hell. Who in the Dipset isn’t (wasn’t…?)?

(Hit the jump for the Weezy docu trailer)

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