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Chester French - Jacque Jams

DOWNLOAD: Chester French Jacques Jams Vol.1

So, yesterday Chester French released their debut album Love the Future, which you can find on iTunes. I suggest you guys cop that because it is pretty much the shit. In the mean time before you get the album (which you will), here’s the mixtape, Chester French Jacques Jams Vol. 1. The mixtape has a lot of cameo’s on it including ones from my girls Solange and Janelle Monae. So it’s definitely worth listening to so enjoy.


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The third and final day at SXSW went out with a bang. I hate shitty phrases like that, but there’s no other way to describe what happened today at the Fader showcase. As we were leaving, 6th Sense said to me “It feels like we’re leaving Summer Jam man.” We were all dead, but it was because we saw Theophilus London (with Solange, as the video above shows), Bun B, Jadakiss/D-Block, and Kanye West with his GOOD Music imprint all back-to-back.

I’m not one to complain about about that line-up, but I thought it was odd to see Bun B and Jada rockin’ the Fader party. I say that because it seemed lost on a lot of the crowd. As StuffWhitePeopleLike taught me, the thing a hipster loves most is irony.

It didn’t stop there, because ‘Ye brought out Common and Erykah Badu. And the best part was, after Common spit a freestyle, Erykah went right back at it with her own. Who knew she could rap like that?

I don’t know how we survived the sea of nylon and Ray-Bans at the Fader Fort with how crazy it got having no food for 9 hours and sweating in the sun. Not to mention hipsters like to to drink.

I have a ton of video that will be working its way on the site these next few days, so definitely look out for that.

I’d like to thank everyone I met at SXSW for showing me a good time, all they contributed, and just being good people: Outasight, 6th Sense, Mike Maven, DJ Trackstar, Greg the Dude, Zo from OhDang! Mag, Cooked Classic, Eskay, TC, Nato Caliph, the Blacksmith family, and anyone who’s name I’m forgetting at 4 AM Austin time.


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