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(video will be available shortly if it’s not working at first)

Here’s where I spent the bulk of my night: at the Blacksmith showcase. I felt right at home having to go 20 minutes out of my way, outside the city to get to this joint. That’s hip-hop. It looked like someone’s backyard barbeque. It was well worth it because to say the bill was strong is an understatement: Blu and Exile, Strong Arm Steady, Idle Warship (who were dope and need more love), Kid Daytona, John Forte’s first live performance in 7 years, and Reflection Eternal.

They even had Hi-Tek playing some beats live on stage during the Reflection Eternal set. Forgive me for not having footage of that because my jaw was on the floor (pause?). This was the video taken from my flipcam, after I lost a decent spot up front. My apologies on the quality, but I’ve got some others coming that are much better quality.

In the meantime, enjoy this performance as best you can, and pretend you’re at SXSW if you’re not.


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This is about to be some old school diary blogging. Pause.

Thursday, during the day, isn’t exactly the time for hip-hop at SXSW. Walking around this city, you wonder where the hip-hop is at for a moment, until you realize: it’s all after dark.

That ain’t terrible though, because it gave me time to get to see Austin, and soak up the Austin Convention Center, where all the industry cats are trying to sell you on new stuff. For the most up to date visual log of my SXSW endeavors, check the Twitter.

One thing I learned is that Quincy Jones likes to talk, a lot. He started his keynote speech at 2 PM, and by 4:30, he still wasn’t done, much to the dismay and anger of execs trying to figure out how to make 360 deals who needed the conference room. For all I know, he’s still talking (it’s 5 PM local time now).

Anyway, tonight’s when the real fun begins: 6th Sense and Friends party over at Red Fez (10:30 PM), Outasight performing twice (at Vice at 9, Red Fez at 12), and then the Blacksmith Showcase at Scoots. There’ll be a lot more on that later and tomorrow.

Keep checkin’ Twitter for all the twit-pics and lil updates you could ever want.


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2ManyMCs will be down at SXSW in Austin all this week. During, and by the end of my time in Austin, there’ll be an onslaught on content and blogging, so keep checkin’ back. Any time you see the image above, it’s a post about SXSW.

If my short time at the convention center today tells me anything about the rest of the visit, it’s that the phone/internet networks are going to fall hard, but I’ll stay on my grind and work around it.

I’ll be on Twitter updating as I’m at the events, so be sure to check that out too. My Twit Pic account will probably get maxed out in the process.

aaaaand if you’re in Austin and want to link up, get at me on the Twitter or by email.


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