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DOWNLOAD: The Outfit Feat. Kanye West, GLC, Timmy G, & Arrow Starr - “187th”

GLC just shared this vintage recording of him and Kanye from way back in the day (1998 I’m guessing by the picture’s date). That’s Yeezy on the beat and on the hook.

via GLC’s blog:

I just wanna say thank you to Ms. Donda West for saving our lives! She allowed me, Timmy G, Really Doe & Arrow Starr to get out the hood & come to her house to get out our dreams @ an early age when even our own family members thought we were crazy for wanted to make music! Without her ain’t no tellin’ how we would of ended up! God blessed us with her presents and in return we gave the world a peace of our world! This is an early recording from the group then known as “The Outfit” from 1996. It was produced by a young Kanye West & featured a young GLC, Timmy & Arrow Starr. Kanye lends his vocals on the hook. Without further due I give you the original


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